Statistics (or stats) are base values assigned to each character based on pre-defined categories. There are various ways in which base stats can be improved:

Levelling up- Upon gaining a level bonuses to statistics are awarded in pre-set amounts. The amount varies between categories and characters.

Item purchase- Throughout the game, purchasing items provides improvement to statistics.


Runes- Bonuses are applied to statistics at the start of the game depending on the summoner's rune pages.

[edit] Types of Statistic

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Damage- The amount of damage that will be done by each basic attack. Damage may also be applied to the champion's individual abilities.

Health- The amount of health a character has. If health is reduced to 0 the champion is killed and must wait a set amount of time to re-spawn at the allied team summoning circle.

Mana- Increases the amount of mana points. Mana is used to cast champion abilities. Some items and abilities will convert a percentage of mana into magic damage. Several champions have Rage or Energy in lieu of mana. For these, items, runes and masteries that improve mana will have no effect.

Move Speed- The speed at which a champion is able to move across the field. Each champion begins the match with a particular base movement speed. This can be improved in several ways:

Direct bonus: A direct bonus to movement speed is applied by purchasing boots from the store. All boots are unique, meaning that if more than one are purchased, only the highest value will provide an improvement to movement speed.

Percentage bonus: Some items provide a bonus to movement speed by adding a percentage of the champions current movement speed.

Abilities: Some champions are able to increase movement speed for a short period of time by using their unique abilities. Examples of this are Teemo, Miss Fortune, Orianna and Master Yi.

Summoner Spells: The summoner spells Ghost and Revive provide a brief movement speed bonus.


Spell Block-

Health Regen-

Mana Regen-

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