Rod of Ages


Cost: 2800 gold

Sell value:1960 gold

+450 health

+450 mana

+60 ability power

Passive: This item gains 20 health, 20 mana and 2 ability power every minute, up to 10 times.

Unique Passive – Valor's Reward: On leveling up, restores 150 health and 200 mana over 8 seconds.

[edit] Strategy

  • Try getting this item as fast as possible, if you want more health quickely.
  • The passive restores health and mana over time only when you level up. When you reach lv 18, the second passive will be useless.

[edit] Gameplay

Mostly used by mages such as Anivia, who tend to survive longer in battles. The passives make the item a very good starting item.

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