Magma Chamber

The Magma Chamber
A view of the new Magma Chamber with Brand visible in the middle

The Magma Chamber is a 2v2 map which was playable in the All-Stars Showdown in Shanghai, China. It was designed for skill competitions. The map currently is not available, and will be released in the future.

Victory can be acheived in 3 different ways on this map.

  • Slaying the enemy (2 times if a 2v2)
  • Reaching 100 CS, or killing 100 minions.
  • Destroying the enemy turret

[edit] Early designs

The original Magma Chamber

The map was first revealed in 2010, as a 5v5 map. The map contained new features, and a different playstyle from the Summoner's Rift. However, the map was cancelled and released as the Crystal Scar on August 4th, 2011 for unknown reasons.

[edit] Gallery

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