How to Export Item Sets in LOL

This isn't working anymore because stored in the LoL-Cloud now. If you want to bring your item-sets into your smurf, it's not working anymore!!! Any solution for this?

Starting with Patch 5.23, LOL Item Sets are now stored on the cloud and will sync across your PCs. When you first sign into 5.23 your Item Sets will be imported into the cloud, so you won't lose any of your item sets. Because of this there's no need to export or import item sets anymore in LOL starting November 2015.

[edit] Before Patch 5.23

Even as recent as Patch 5.5, LOL Item Sets are stored on individual PCs and NOT in the cloud.

If you need to move your item sets to another PC or back them up, you need to manually do it.

The item sets are stored in a file here:

<InstallPath>\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\<ActualRelease>\deploy\preferences\<LoginName>.p roperties


C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\0.0. 1.34\deploy\preferences\

Just copy the file from the above location on one system and copy it to another system.

Note that the file is a binary file so you won't be able to open it and edit it in a text editor like you can when you export/import key bindings.

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