(Also known as AD Carry, for AP Carry, please see Mage)

A auto-attack based Champion that is generally regarded to be rather weak during early game (except Caitlyn), however, as the game progresses, their damage output generally becomes second to none. They aim to be the powerhouse of any team, and can easily destroy an entire team if fed and left unfocused, thus making them the first priority to kill in nearly all teamfights (if unfed, it is unlikely they will be dealing as much damage as the enemy Mage/Assassin, thus making them more important targets in target priority). Ranged carries generally go in the Bottom Lane with a support, to make their punishable early game much more bearable. Melee carries generally go to Top Lane or Jungle. All carries have a high damage output and mediocre defense stats. They are generally given steroids to their auto-attacks, generally either to make their Attack Speed faster, to increase their Attack Damage or to give them an on-hit effect. Carries generally rely on five key stats for their damage, those being: Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Armor Penetration, Armor Reduction and Critical Chance. However, any champion wielding a Manamune/Manamura will also be able to source damage from Mana. The two key stats to prevent Carries from shredding teams apart are Health, and Armor. Champions that fall into this category are:

Carries require a large amount of gold to complete their builds and then carry their team. They have the highest damage output (in general) late game and are purely designed to destroy enemy characters in a few auto-attacks.

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