(For spell casters that scale off of AD instead of AP, see AD Caster)

A spell based Champion that is generally regarded to be rather decent during early game, however, during mid game, their damage output is generally maximised. In contrary to this, their damage output normally falls off late game compared to Carries. They generally prioritise on focusing down the enemy Carries or Mages, weakening the opposing team's damage output. Most Mage characters will reside in Mid Lane, however, several characters are more often based in Top Lane or the Jungle. Most Mages are Ranged, although, several are Melee. Mages generally rely on three key stats for their damage, Ability Power, Magic Penetration and Magic Resistance Reduction. However, Ryze, or any champion wielding an Archangel Staff/Seraph's Embrace will also be able to source damage from Mana. The two key stats to prevent Mages from bursting teams down are Health and Magic Resistance. Champions that fall into this category are:

Mages can be based on single-target burst, AoE damaging or kiting. Single-target burst champions excel at destroying one target however, have little to offer a team once their kit has been delivered, as they generally have relatively high cooldowns. AoE damage Mages have lesser damage to deal to a single-target, however, deal more damage in total spread across the entire team. Often, they have at least one low cooldown ability for poking enemies with. Kiting based champions usually sacrifice damage for low cooldown abilities, cc, and AoE damage. They do not often excel at bursting a single target or enemy team in one combo, however, rely on poking enemies down, slowing them down, and generally cause more havoc the longer a teamfight goes for. Mages are not often purely one of these types of Mage, however, generally have a bias as to which features they have.

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